VII Congress of Russian Biophysicists
Krasnodar, Russia
April 17-23, 2023
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First information message

Krasnodar, April 17-23, 2023

Dear colleagues!
From 17 to 23 April 2023 in Krasnodar on the basis of the Kuban State Technological University
VII Congress of Russian Biophysicists

Main scientific topics of the Congress

• Molecular biophysics. Structure and dynamics of biopolymers and biomacromolecular systems
• Biophysics of the cell. Membrane and transport processes
• Energy transformation mechanisms. Bioenergetics. Molecular Motors
• Biomechanics. Biological mobility
• Biophysics of complex multicomponent systems. Math modeling. Bioinformatics
• Biophotonics. Photobiology. Photosynthesis. Bioluminescence. Photoreception. Optogenetics
• Mechanisms of action of physical and chemical factors on biological systems
• Ecological biophysics
• Medical biophysics. Neurobiophysics
• Biophysical education
• New methods in biophysics


Russian Academy of Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences RAS
Ministry of Science and Higher Education
National Committee of Russian Biophysicists
Kuban State Technological University Kuban State University
Institute of Molecular Biology. V.A. Engelhardt RAS
Institute of Analytical Instrumentation RAS
Institute of Applied Physics RAS
Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS
Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics RAS
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Organizing Committee

Rubin A.B., Academician of RAS - Chairman
Ivanitsky G.R., associate member of RAS - vice Chairman
Fesenko E.E., associate member of RAS - vice Chairman
Riznichenko G.Yu., prof., Dr.Sci. - vice Chairman
Baryshev M.G., prof., Dr.Sci. - Deputy Chairman
Anashkina A.A., Ph.D. - scientific secretary

Allakhverdiev S.I., assosiate member of RAS
Artyukhov V.G., prof., Dr.Sci.
Beletsky I.P., prof., Dr.Sci.
Deev S.M., academician of RAS
Degermendzhi A.G., academician of RAS
Drozdov A.V., Ph.D.
Dzhimak S.S., Ph.D.
Elkina A.A., Ph.D.
Esipova N.G., Ph.D.
Frisman E.Ya., assosiate member of RAS
Gitelzon I.I., academician of RAS
Grabarnik P.Ya., prof., Dr.Sci.
Grechkin A.N., academician of RAS
Gursky G.V., assosiate member of RAS
Gusev N.B., assosiate member of RAS
Kirpichnikov M.P., academician of RAS
Kochetkov S.N., academician of RAS
Kolchanov N.A., academician of RAS
Komarov V.M., prof., Dr.Sci.
Kurochkin V.E., prof., Dr.Sci.
Makarov A.A., academician of RAS
Makeev V.Yu., assosiate member of RAS
Morenkov O.S., Dr.Sci.
Nechipurenko D.Yu., Ph.D.
Osipov А.А., Ph.D.
Ostrovsky M.A., academician of RAS
Petrushanko I.Yu., Ph.D.
Rozanov A.Yu., academician of RAS
Shaitan K.V., prof., Dr.Sci.
Skulachev V.P., academician of RAS
Tkachuk V.A., academician of RAS
Tsygankov A.A., Dr.Sci.
Tumanyan V.G., prof., Dr.Sci.
Tverdislov V.A., prof., Dr.Sci.
Ustinin M.N., Dr.Sci.
Vladimirov Yu.A., academician of RAS
Vodeneev V.A., Dr.Sci.
Volotovsky I.D., academician of the
National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Program Committee

Rubin A.B., academician of RAS - Chairman
Riznichenko G.Yu., prof., Dr.Sci. - vice Chairman
Esipova N.G., Ph.D. - vice Chairman
Anashkina A.A., Ph.D. - scientific secretary

Allakhverdiev S.I., assosiate member of RAS
Antonenko Yu.N., prof., Dr.Sci.
Artyukhov V.G., prof., Dr.Sci.
Bespalova S.V., prof., Dr.Sci.
Brazhe A.R., Ph.D.
Brazhe N.A., Ph.D.
Bulychev A.A., prof., Dr.Sci.
Vanin A.F., prof., Dr.Sci.
Vasilevsky Yu.V., assosiate member of RAS
Vikhlyantsev I.M., Dr.Sci.
Vodeneev V.A., Dr.Sci.
Gvozdev D.A., Ph.D.
Gelfand M.S., prof., Dr.Sci.,
member of Academia Europaea
Gudimchuk N.B., Dr.Sci.
Guria G.T., prof., Dr.Sci.
Dzhimak S.S., associate professor, Ph.D.
Zinchenko V.P., Dr.Sci.
Ivanitsky G.R., assosiate member of RAS
Kovalenko I.B., Dr.Sci.
Koltover V.K., prof., Dr.Sci.
Komarov V.M., Dr.Sci.
Kratasyuk V.A., Dr.Sci.
Krupyansky Yu.F., Dr.Sci.
Kuchumov A.G., associate professor, Dr.Sci.
Lobyshev V.I., prof., Dr.Sci.
Makeev V.Yu., assosiate member of RAS
Maksimov G.V., prof., Dr.Sci.
Maksimov E.G., Ph.D.
Nechipurenko Yu.D., Dr.Sci.
Nikitin P.I., Ph.D.
Novikov V.V., Dr.Sci.
Orlov Yu.L., prof. RAS, Dr.Sci.
Petrushanko I.Yu., Ph.D.
Plutakhin G.A., Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Plyusnina T.Yu., Ph.D.
Poghosyan S.I., Prof., Dr.Sci.
Postnov D.E., prof., Dr.Sci.
Riznichenko G.Yu., prof., Dr.Sci.
Rosenkranz A.A., Dr.Sci.
Sobolev A.S., assosiate member of RAS
Tverdislov V.A., prof., Dr.Sci
Finkelstein A.V., assosiate member of RAS
Frisman E.Ya., assosiate member of RAS
Fursova P.V., Ph.D.
Khrushchev S.S., Ph.D.
Tsaturyan A.K., associate professor, Dr.Sci.
Tsygankov A.A., Dr.Sci.
Shaitan A.K., assosiate member of RAS
Yakovenko L.V., Dr.Sci.

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